8 Classic Rock Songs - Doug Boduch Page Three

I can see certain of you slavishly copying note for note and getting it down in spite of my warnings. Everyone knows you are an outlaw destined for trouble anyway. So go ahead and be a star based on your overwhelming talent alone. Gods speed! Put me on the guest list!

There is no pamphlet and they obviously want you to buy more of their product that will fill in your gaps and we all have gaps. Doug mentions that there are Hal Leonard books with the music of these songs written out that you can buy but doesn't say where. If it were me I'd do it differently and offer you a discount if you had purchased this guitar lesson already and a link to do so. But guess what? It ain't me!

Anyway some songs in the lesson are easier than others to come to grips with and you can, with a good attitude have hours of fun guitar related activity.

If you can sing too, so much the better as these all have lyrics in them but the DVD doesn't offer them up to us.

If you like these songs buy this by all means. But remember in this day an age there is no excuse for remaining ignorant of basic guitar mechanics.

A good reference book is my first choice and good beginners rhythm guitar visual presentation and a song book with chord charts on my top ten list!

Then you buy this type of lesson. Don't pick music too hard for your level...its discouraging and that's the last thing you need. On the other hand challenge yourself or be boring. Some call it an art. Its really about consistent hard work so don't be discouraged or fooled.

Other times you cant be bothered and just want to see how its done. There are similar choices in song guitar lessons but there are differences to be aware of too.

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