8 Classic Rock Songs - Doug Boduch Page Two

This is the third of my Hal Leonard learn 8 songs guitar DVD reviews and I can see that they are evolving production wise but still have camera angle issues - I find those annoying.

I want to see the guitarist both hands at all times. Get in too tight I cant be sure what fret we are supposed to be on.

Show me the left hand when I want to see the right and other things we should not have to deal with.

Most everything else about these lessons is top notch. They have incorporated a play along section.

They show you Doug playing each song to the backing track but without hearing him so you get to play his part. You can still see his hands however so that a nice addition some others in this 8 song series of lessons don't have.

In this learn guitar playing presentation there are, besides the 8 songs, a nice 25 minutes of guitar technique tips. Including bending, hammer ons, pull offs, bottle neck slide and even a section on scales. Particularly the pentatonic scales.

That's very thoughtful of them isn't it? They might have put in a pamphlet too while they were at it. But you really should know your pentatonic scales before trying to play some of these songs. And your chords too! They really have no business putting that in other than guilt and tease.

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