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I wouldn't get this for your kids 1st guitar lesson. They would become discouraged. This is for latter. Also you need the toys - the guitar - the amp with effects. The starter kits today are amazingly good deals that, like the guitar 'innernet', did not exist when I was younger and dumber.

Solos two, three and four are 20:15, 16:36, 21:36 minutes long respectively. The Backing track segment is 13:30 minutes long and what to watch first. Its got at least 3 segments to it. The A section was Key of E now for the B section we go to Key of A. Its very distorted, over driven, wet or whatever you want to call it.  

Buy a Line 6 Spider Jam or Fender Mustang amp and make this and many more sounds for way cheap exulting with power like Jack Palance in Ben Hur. Solid State not tube but still excellent. Or get a Fender Super Champ XD. Its a tube amp with a sweet Fender tone to it and all kinds of onboard goodies too. I have one and its all I use mostly. @350 US. Its 35 watts and It sounds as good at low volume too as does loud! Plus you can hook it up to a bigger cabinet.

I hate to say this but this but all these solos are running together. Like Danny says a lot of notes are no good with out knowing when to play them. If you are motivated this is full of advanced rock moves you, with your guitar in hand, can learn a lot from. If you play it enough times.

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