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He divides this into 4 Solos and highly recommends taking advantage of the Backing Track to practice with. Danny will also teach us to play the rhythm for the backing track which is a first in my experience and this is my umpteenth guitar lesson review. He guarantees us that learning this will help us out in our soloing as well and I couldn't agree more.

 back coverOur 1st of 4 Solos has 9 licks and is an up tempo rocker. Solo 1 is 26 minutes in length. Learning this will take the uninitiated guitar newbie a good hard slog to get a handle on if they can get through it.

I would call this too advanced. If you don't know your scales including minor pentatonics in the 5 positions you will need one of these guitars with lights on its fret board. Maybe Orianthi herself will further your education. Maybe not.

Each of the 9 licks is recognizably in the style of Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver or Slash. Some more than others but that way you get variety.

Now its where Danny starts trying to explain this to us that becomes paint by numbers and because we don't have a pamphlet it gets tiring.

Of course if you have already slid into 2nd, third and home base with your fret board I-IV-V 's this will help connect a lot of dots and your diligent practice will have paid off giving you the experience you need to more fully understand what he is showing us here. Experience is power.  A lot of this, is about getting the guitar effect to sound the same as the guitar teacher and they don't tell you the settings. On purpose obviously to tease you into going to their site. I bet.

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