Rockabilly Guitar - featuring Troy Dexter Page Three

Chord voicings are next he gives us a C7 bar chord, then an C9 at the third fret then an F9 and then even more sophisticated jazzier voicings. He runs us through quite a few rhythmic examples using the chords he just showed us. He moves on to C13th chords and how you can change the voicings by adding one note(s).

Then he talks about the difference in the half-tone bending of notes in rockabilly vs bigger bends in say rock or rhythm and blues. Up to this point he was flat picking and now all of a sudden he starts hybrid claw picking but makes no mention of the fact.

Then he plays a performance piece he made up I guess but doesn't explain it particularly. The camera work here is decent but not perfect and this is a nice spacey riff. Next he shows an example of guitar dynamics (playing at differing volumes) you might use accompanying a singer. All these examples have a good bass player and drummer bopping right along too.

Now we start with the advertised guitar paladins first of whom is TV and Movie theme King: Duane Eddy innovative Grand Poobah of reverb, tremelo, and melody on the bottom open position cow boy chord strings.

Troy plays us some nice stuff worth learning and the camera work is more user friendly. Now you are starting to feel good you have this guitar lesson and appreciate the pamphlet. Eddie Cochrane is next and his style described as in Summer Time Blues or great rhythm guitar basically and also other facets of his style are covered too.

This is good. Spent some time here on these licks, you will too.

Reverend Horton Heat follows with discussion of his eighth note delay and ability to play rock and roll, punk and rockabilly all rolled into one. Also worthy of as many stops and rewinds as it takes to get it down!

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