Rockabilly Guitar - featuring Troy Dexter Page Two

harmony and theory back coverTroy then tells that we don't need to be a musical scholar to have a lot of fun. If we don't need to be a scholar then how are we going to learn all these styles Troy?

Now Jon 5 and Will Ray occasionally watch TV while they practices - I read it in an Guitar World interview  and I guess if you watch Green Acres enough times you will learn that song which is very catchy and once you get it in your head you cant get rid of it but I digress. No, wait a minute, I don't digress!

Because a lot of the great guitar players we grew up with we heard first on TV or in Technicolor.

Just a few come to mind The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Tommy Tedesco, Peter Gunn Theme, Secret Agent Man Theme and many more. So TV is a viable guitar learning tool! Tell your Mom! Also the guys that wrote these songs had whatchamacallit: a career and a union card.

Troy starts off talking flat wound strings and the kind of guitars used in Rockabilly. Spoiler alert: many had tremelo arms or whammy bars; Bigsby's usually. Then he explains the tone settings on his Gibson ESS-335 guitar with tremelo.

Then he clues us to the fact he is using not a digital delay, but an analog delay to get that old echoplex or tape delay sound which he says degrades dirtier than the digital ones do. He never tells us the setting though or that we should dial in for between one and three repeats or slap backs.

Next he adds reverb to the chain - cant have too much Reverb he says and then vibrato whose setting vary song to song. He tosses on some distortion like Brian Setzer or Reverend Horton Heat or the Chop Tops might sound. He tells us to really go for it and lay into the guitar. Its a good thing we know what we are doing aint it?

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