Pick Power ~ Gypsy Jazz ~ Paul Mehling Page Three

Paul, on a schedule no doubt, goes at his own pace which is in stark contrast to how you are going too be able to react. All this stopping and starting is off putting.

If Gypsy Jazz is your focus then absolutely get this but if you are open to learning to count 16th notes in a funk/jazz way try Richard Smith's Rhythm Styles and Techniques. In fact get both.

There is no one perfect guitar lesson in my experience. This is a good one with most of the exercises you need at a basic level to develop some authoritative rhythm chops. It certainly not the only guitar lesson I would buy to learn to play rhythm guitar but its potentially one of them.

If all you had was an acoustic guitar and also liked gypsy jazz then this deserves your consideration but this assumes you know some chords. There is a pamphlet with Pick Power but its focused on notes with no chord diagrams.

If you want to start from the very beginning then go here to Rhythm Guitar the Complete Guide Book and lesson set. I recommend that every beginning guitar player buy this set.

    Menu Pick Power ~ Paul Mehling
  • Ch 1: Intro, Overview, Tune Up
  • Ch 2: Range of Motion
  • Ch 3: Speed Blast
  • Ch 4: Double Down
  • Ch 5: Pick Technique
  • CH 6: Sub Dividing Reverse Picking
  • Ch 7: Triplets
  • Ch 8: Add 16th Notes
  • Ch 9: Right Hand Technique
  • Ch 10: Single String Exercises
  • Ch 11: Sub dividing triplets
  • Ch 12: Chromatic Exercises
  • Ch 13: Sub dividing
  • Ch 14: Two Chromatic Octaves
  • Ch 15: Vibrato
  • Ch 16: Major Scale exercises
  • Ch 17: More Right Hand
  • Ch 18: Advanced Major Scale
  • Ch 19: Tremelo Exercises
  • Ch 20: More Chordal Techniques
  • Ch 21: Sweep Picking
  • Ch 22: Glissando
  • Ch 23: Two finger Arpeggios
  • Ch 24: Octave exercises
  • Ch 25: Thirds Exercises
  • Ch 26: Augmented Chord Exercises
  • Ch 27: Practice Summary
  • Ch 28: More single string Exercise
  • Ch 29 : String Crossing
  • CH 30: Advanced technique
  • Ch 31: Legato
  • Ch 32: Advanced Technique Double Down
  • Ch 33: Advanced Sub Dividing
  • Ch 34: Equipment
  • Ch 35: Final Advice on Technique
  • Outro

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