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 back coverOK! Here I am doing the exercises from this guitar lesson axe in hand.

I am using an electric guitar since my acoustics are parked in open tuning at the moment. If its your first time practicing rhythm you'll likely need to take some time to get each exercise down pretty well before going on to the next.

But if you already do some sort of rhythm exercise routine where you count out loud then you will likely be able to catch on to this approach more easily.

In the beginning Paul does not count out loud for us.

He doesn't race through each lesson segment either but he could go slower.

He starts really simply though with an up-down stroke, he doubles that down and then an up-down-up triplet stroke. He gets his metronome out and sets at 60 bpm and has us do exercises. Here is where I wish he would count out loud. Then he ups its to 63 bpm (18:40) One-trip-let-two-trip-let-three-trip-let is how I would count that or one-two-three, one-two-three.

Paul explains it Down-up-Down, Down-up-Down,( D.U.D. or DUD) and show us how this automatically created an accent. He throws in a 4th beat to make it 16th notes.

Simple sub-division and the C7 chord common to blue grass, folk, country, rock and roll and jazz. Here Paul starts to count out loud! He plays a measure of 8th notes and then a measure of 16th notes and repeats until its etched into your very being.

This is decent starting place for beginners and very similar to learning drum rudiments which is exactly what we need to count time.

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