The Art of Blues Rhythm by Robben Ford Clinic Page Two

On his blues discs I love Robbens' playing and if you listen to his earlier records he comes out with some amazing tasteful blues stuff which is what I was looking for in this. After all that's what it says in the title right? In fact I will tell you a secret. I play along to his blues records. He has great chops especially when he stays traditional. He used to hang with the late Michael Bloomfield.

It seems to me he has been playing so long he has forgotten how he developed his right hand. He says it himself he is making it up as he goes along which is only half the story. For a guy with the rhythm that he has to not explain how he got it is disappointing to me who needs to learn the art of rhythm and paid good money.

Robben starts off teaching us three note triads, C-F-G in the 5 voicing/octave positions all over the neck and then 5 minutes later we are using advanced jazz chords. There is no way you can do that in real life so quickly.

So you will be collateralizing your mortgage obligation if you haven't poured a cement footer with rebar for a foundation.

Or this guitar lesson will go on the shelf until you do!

OK, to cut him a little slack, this lesson is full of more advanced info but there are some areas like his G minor Blues which starts out with bluesier traditional chords and then moves on to other voicings where I felt more comfortable.

Then when you get to the pamphlet you oft don't get all the voicings and fingerings he uses especially for the little embellishments he makes up and that aren't in the book! I find that frustrating. I repeat there is some really cool stuff here if you are ready for it and he sure can play the guitar.

Other issues to note is that he claw finger picks for 95% of this and rarely pulls out the flat pick as in when when he gets to the twelve bar blues section or to do a lead vs a melodic finger pick thingy. I haven't found anything of portent about the right hand and counting time. Its all about the left hand and mostly dressed up, jazzy blues type rhythms. If that's your focus then go for it.

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