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Speaking of tension we next tune up, one string at a time to Will in standard tuning. We start the lesson with the 5 chord positions also know as the C-A-G-E-D or the caged system. Here Will doesn't make a standard bar shape he wraps his thumb around the top of the neck fretting the low root note - E shaped Bar chord. Will has bigger hands than me. We get a screen chord chart for all the CAGED chords as he explains each to us.

 back coverNext are the 5 String Patterns where we use a memory hook or two. Will divides the major scale into 5 digestible areas which naturally fall/lay over the top of the 5 chord positions. The one makes the other. Do the math! 11:39 in to the lesson. Here is how to spell out the scale with numbers.

The Nashville numbering system. Will makes us a promise and says that if we learn our major scale we will thus learn all of our scales and he will show us how. YES!!! Promises are unheard of in the industry or at least in my experience. He proceeds to show us the patterns and there is a chart which you will need to copy by hand as there is no way to screen shot it I can find. OK to avoid this annoyance is to go straight to the appendixes and copy 5 chord positions, 5 string patterns out. This should have been a .PDF file or even a single sheet of paper. No one said it would be easy but later is hopefully when our efforts will pay off! Then it will be easier! Will tells us that we should start practicing these string patterns a little bit at a time and to keep things manageable. Practice should be fun so he practiced in front of a TV. He recommends Seinfeld and Andy of Mayberry or Andy Griffith as good shows to watch while practicing guitar. Incidentally another advocate of practicing with the TV on is Jon 5. That's two incredible guitar players saying this. Do they have the sound on or what?  So here we are talking about developing a practice regime over time with or with out the TV on.

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