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As the Guitar Chair at USC Professor Smith knows how to put his own slant on what students need to learn.

He tells you that the best way to learn is to grab your guitar and do what he does. It works but you have to count out loud initially as you strum to make it work.

He uses some really nice scratch chords ideal for 16th note comping. Over a few weekly sessions you wont believe how much your rhythm improves if you do as he says!

Over time you can build up a real solid bottom even for power chords!

Another nice thing about this is that you wont go bananas every time you want to re-watch a certain portion of it. It has a real nice set of pause and restart points.

The main menu lay out goes like this:

Right Hand Movements
Left Hand movements,
C7 inversions,
Guitarisms and "funnies" and
there are jam tracks too!

Want to improve your rhythm and willing to practice? This worked for me! I started at the beginning and watched/followed it thru 30, 40, 50 times over course of 2 or 3 years. They say rhythm can't be taught which I promise is a falsehood.

However, it does have to be developed and that takes some time. You keep getting better! Initial counting out loud is a real key to this highway. Develop your musical sense of time slowly but surely! To a developed ear you cant fake it either! Baby steps! Keep it simple. As simple as it can get.

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