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Progressive finger style
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If your goal is to be a one man entertainer this is something you want to be able to do.

Bob doesn't go easy on us either and shows us rhythm exercises you may find challenging right out of the box. I sure did/do. So much its almost like you have to psyche yourself up to keep up with him.

If you are into progressive acoustic finger style this will help. The first exercise out of the starting gate is a cool way to practice your rhythm using just your hands and this is pretty simple and will encourage you to try!

The menu looks like this: Basic Rhythm, triplets, triplets a different places in the measure, swing rhythm, poly-rhythms, poly-rhythm applied to guitar, shuffle rhythm, play the doggone rhythm, basic groove, slap bass effect, poly-rhythms at waltz tempo, example same, 123 -123-12 rhythm, swing blues in E performance and analysis, Blind Blake Style, slowly, strumming, kick and snare pattern, more grooves, Gm tuning, chords in Gm tuning, Improvised Gm, Calypso groove, Death don't have no mercy in this land, practice advice, rhythmic variations delta groove, delta blues performance, performance tips.

Due to the worsening of a pre-existing and hopeless condition resulting from a debilitating car accident and being a lot of pain Brozman committed suicide on April 23, 2013. 59 years old. From what I read he led a heck of an active life while he could.

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