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 back coverThe Menu has lots of examples so I'll condense it for you. The people, ie. advanced guitar students, looking to buy this for themselves will likely find the challenge they seek.

Buying this as a gift is risky unless its been asked for. I recommend other learn jazz methods much more suitable to a beginner. Included is a pamphlet but its a transcription which means it musical staff with notes so you need to be able to read music to read it. Its not TAB.

This guitar lesson is about Jazz lines and wont teach you any chords. Joe is shown with a Gibson Byrdland on the cover but plays an Ibanez ES-175 style arch top in the lesson.

The Gibson Byrdland is oddly enough a favorite of rocker Ted Nugent too.

I have an Gibson ES-175 and love it. Gibson's Super 400 seems to be the ideal rhythm section jazz guitar however for playing unamplified in an orchestral setting.

  • Opening, Tuning
  • Chord Changes
  • Right and Left hand technique
  • Jazz lines for Major Chords
  • Examples 1 - 18
  • Major Etude ex 19
  • Jazz Lines for Minor Chords Cm
  • Examples 20 - 30
  • Minor Etude (31)
  • Jazz lines for static dominant 7th chords
  • Example 32 - 39
  • Static Dominant Etude (40)
  • Jazz lines for altered Dom 7th chords
  • Example 41 - 47
  • Jazz Lines for Turnarounds
  • Turnaround Etude (48) 1 6 2 5 pattern
  • Jazz Lines for Turnarounds with altered Dom 7th chords
  • Altered Dom 7 Turnaround (49)
  • Conclusion
  • Special Features Tuning Segment
  • An Evening with Joe Pass Preview
  • Joe's Guitar
  • Herb Ellis Bonus Lesson Soloing with chord shapes (audio only) 1 min the 14 sec.
  • Transcription - 'Blues Intro'

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