Freddie King  featuring Duke Robillard Page Two

Now I am looking at the 12 page pamphlet - looking for those mysterious 5 minor pentatonic scale diagrams and I only see Box one in there 3 times but no box 2. I could elaborate but why when a good reference book or three will say it so much more eloquently and correctly too. However our boy Duke here can turn a guitar blues phrase from out of those minor pentatonic shapes. There is meat on this bone worth gnawing at.

Lastly, its like Duke is late for an appointment and has to run which is a shame. He briefly plays, still with the P-90's, Sen-se-shun which is in the key of A and its more great, creative, inventive minor pentatonic brilliance up at the barred fifth fret - licks chiselled out of an essence that is its own unique manifestation.

We are talking Freddie King here! One of the three Kings - Freddie, Albert and B.B. King They are all different - they are all masters. So it can be done. All these guys sing and write their own songs too. 'Ain't nobodies business what we do is a Freddie song whose lyrics have stuck with me and seem a little too uniquely relevant and current today. Pure prophetic genius! Go ahead and buy this digital sukka. Beginners need to see this basic simple guitar brilliance is action. And slavishly copy it. Good clean fun. Flat pickers needn't worry about Freddies' use of thumb and finger pick. No folksy finger patterns here.

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  • Ch 1: Introduction
  • Ch 2: Hideaway
  • Ch 3: San-Ho-Zay
  • Ch 4: The Stumble
  • Ch 5: Slow Blues
  • Ch 6: Sen-sa-shun

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