Blues Rock Master Class - Andy Aledort Page Two

BRMC has very similar back coverBut this is a more than decent place to get started since you can take your time playing the scale of Gm pentatonic and then playing the Gm chord and the Cm and Dm. Just move everything up or down the neck to change keys.

Its so simple a child with a good guitar reference book could, with the right sized guitar, make childs play of it!

No its going to take some hands on study and a few months or years to get as good as Andy you bet your boots.

Andy gives you a specific facet of a lot of the tools and keeps the theory to a minimum but plays plenty of examples.

Then he talks about switching between major and minor pentatonic in a musically interesting way. In my opinion if its these blues rock players musical style you like then this guitar DVD is well spent money in the interest of your guitar education.

That Essential Scales for Guitar Soloing section end with us moving on to the Eric Clapton early years with John Mayalls Bluesbreakers through whose ranks have passed many greats. Much like the Yardbirds. He moves on to all the others and you are reminded again of the title: Blues Rock Master Class. Andy does his best to make it plain for us in his breakdowns. But he isn't dumbing it down any for our benefit and you will need strong fingers for these solos.

For beginners Andy also has a must have Blues Guitar getting started DVD I also recommend that would compliment this nicely.

    Blues Rock Master Class - Andy Aledort
  • Ch 1: Minor Pentatonic: Key of G, 6th string root (1:53)
  • Ch 1a: Blues Scale: Key of G, 6th string root (2:03)
  • Transposing the 6th string root to other keys(0:43)
  • Ch 1b: Minor Pentatonic Key of G 5th string root
    and connecting scale patterns (1:47)
  • Ch 1c: Blues Scale Key of G 5th string root (1:42)
  • Ch 1d: Transposing the 5th string root to other keys (1:05)
  • Ch 1e: Major Pentatonic Key of G (1:53)
  • Ch 1f: Major Pentatonic Key of G, fifth string root (1:07)
  • Ch 1g: Altering major and minor pentatonic (2:00)
  • Ch 2: Soloing in the style of Blues Rock Masters: Eric  Clapton w/Mayall's Blues Breakers (9:45), Clapton Cream (9:00), Jeff Beck (9:40), Johnny Winter (7:53), Dickey Betts (8:24), Duane Allman (10:07), Stevie Ray Vaughan (11:23), Robin Trower (8 min), Leslie West (9 min)
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Role Models

“Do it again on the next verse, and people think you meant it.”
― Chet Atkins