Hybrid Picking Techniques - Stuart Bull Page Five

Open String and Pedal Tone licks CM7 and FM7. G Mixolydian or a C scale started on G with C tonality now Tele with delay. Camera work much better. Thank You.

Still I cant really see what he is doing with his right hand. Also he has these effects enhancing his sound that I don't and he doesn't say a word about how to achieve his sound. I have to voice disapprobation here.

Eric Johnsons pedal tone technique which looks way cool! Its next! Its a spacey E minor riff using alternate strings and stretches. It sort of in the example category of home with your effects and looper. Its quite nice and an interesting direction to take hybrid picking.

This guitar lesson has some weight to it. Stuart seems to have pushed the right buttons on this one: simple but varied. Non intimidating but hey I can do that! Its not a perfect guitar lesson but none of them are.

I recommend separately an excellent guitar lesson explaining in depth: guitar harmony so after finishing hybrid picking here, if you are interested.

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