Hybrid Picking Techniques - Stuart Bull Page Four

Next, still under "Rock" he shows us what he calls 'barring licks' (5:08) which he plays really fast and is helped to do that by the hybrid picking. He uses some guitar effects but doesn't tell us what they are. 11:00

Next in E he shows a blues style John Lee Hooker/SRV style lick and finally we add another finger to to the mix: our ring finger! He shows us some tricks with these techniques up at the head stock that we all want to know.

A lot of it is knowing the E scale in this position and playing with it - he embellishes pick riffs with hybrid picking mostly on the high E string.

Country Rhythm using Hybrid Picking A7 chord - he switches to a Telecaster for this bit. We play an A7th bar chord at the 5th fret. The bottom 4 strings are all that concern us.

We play an alternating bass with the pick on the 6th and 5th strings and use our two fingers on the 4th and third strings to make a country hoe down rhythm also palm muting. This is fun! Grab your partner!  3:28  5:12 Next we add notes and complicate the picking pattern and here is where a tab/diagram would be really helpful. 

I had to listen like 5 times but now we are going to pinch two non adjacent strings under a barred forefinger for the first time in the 5th position playing an A chord using an E dominant 7 shape. OK I like it!

OK so this our 1st pattern and its going to take some practice. He also uses a slap back echo here too but makes absolutely no mention of it. He call the guitar pick the 'Plek' as in plectrum in case you were wondering.

OK he could slow this explanation down a bit more. He tends to brush by concepts and the camera work isn't as good as it could be showing you which notes he is picking or fretting.

He explains the notes by saying the 6th fret on the G string and the 5th fret on the B string kind of quickly for such camera work.

Still this is a solid hybrid picked country rhythm worth learning and I am glad I watched this with guitar in hand.

Now more fingers tips are involved and these are steel electric guitar strings. I don't see why an steel string acoustic guitar would be problem here if that's what you had. Or better still a nylon string guitar. Chet Atkins used one.

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