Hybrid Picking Techniques - Stuart Bull Page Three

My theory is doing it simply is a step towards doing it and that's better than not doing it at all. This guitar lesson is in several parts (see menu below) and throughout its course shows us different style areas we may want to use hybrid picking like in country, rock and rockabilly music.

In due course we move on to country rock licks for hybrid picking where he does some twangy bends.

After those we soon arrive at double stops and fast runs which follow 'the shape of the c-a-g-e-d chords' so you better know your triad chords and inversions on the top three strings from the trusty reference book you are going to buy elsewhere as Stuart anticipates our knowing these 3 or 4 string shapes. 

Which are incidentally a lot easier to play than regular cowboy chords using all 6 strings. Stuart then spoils everything and shows us how to hybrid pick the Mixolydian scale over some chords shapes on the top 4 strings.

Of course nothing is written down for us. Why we need to introduce modes here at this stage is beyond me.

We move on to the rock licks section and I see things that I appreciate more. We are conjuring up AC/DC, Chicago blues and swamp rock licks in E on the top 3 strings! He shows us a little hammer on pull off thing using an open string and mentions Angus Young! That's always a good sign.

I'm sitting here with a '85 PRS I bought used and its not plugged in and I am enjoying my self. Stuart is plugged in and if you aren't you may wish you were. Also you want thin strings on your guitar unless your finger callouses are good.

Really all these techniques like tapping and hammering on, 

and hybrid picking are more enjoyable if you allow your middle finger to build up a callous. Over do it the first day and you aren't going to want to pick up your guitar for a while.

No one technique is worth hurting yourself over. Some techniques are easier than others so don't get hung up. Make like a healthy Monsantoed Bee going from flower to flower. Come back to the problems later maybe.

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