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harmony and theory back coverIs this strict hybrid picking? Is there such a thing? Why not? For sure there are more sophisticated techniques if that's what you want. But for my money it is a good enough place to start getting used to holding the pick with your thumb and forefinger and using one or two or all the rest of your fingers to articulate notes. We have to start somewhere. Good things can be simple! I have to say that even my abysmal hybrid picking has improved recently somewhat just from watching this and assorted other of guitar lessons.

Many great acoustic guitar finger pickers only used a thumb and one finger. Some may have use a thumb pick and or a finger pick. Many also play the banjo. They made remarkably complicated sounding music and used the steady thumb technique to give themselves what amounts to a third hand!

Lots of electric players like to keep a pick in hand so thus developed hybrid picking. I like it because its a rockabilly sound. Rockabilly mixed country finger style with 1950's electric rock. There is no law that says you have to use all your fingers.

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