T-Bone Walker - electric blues - with Duke Robillard Page Four

The style uses inside 9th chords that don't have the root note in them which when you are sitting there playing alone the bass note is implied. T-Bone would have had a bass player.

So I am still getting used to the implied root note and that is jazz not rock. Then after I acquired some facility with the chords and pentatonic scale I figured out how to have fun playing against bass line I would alternate with. I took me a couple years to warm up to.

This is a meaningful guitar lesson in T-Bone Walker that you wont feel chiseled about later. I kept coming back to it because the more you learn the more you want to learn. I do want fries with that! Tasty!

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  • Ch 1: Play All
  • Ch 2: Introduction
  • Ch 3: You don't love me
  • Ch 4: Love is a Gamble
  • Ch 5: Slow Blues Demos
  • Ch 6: T-Bone Shuffle
  • Ch 7: T-Bone Boogie
  • Ch 8: I Get so weary
  • Ch 9: Credits

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