The (Beach Boys/Brian Wilson) California Sound - Tony Anthony Page Two

harmony and theory back coverThere is a special features section here you need to check out because that's where you are going to find the chords all written out in one place for your edification.

Your guitar teacher is Tony and he has a sense of humor which is a nice touch.

He treats us as if we have minimal or no guitar knowledge whatsoever which is as it should be and he also sings over the changes so you can familiarize yourself with them more easily.

Tony also shows us chord charts from with in the lesson itself and points out with care those absurdly simple melodies that made these songs so memorable.

Included is also TAB for the notes which is a huge time saver and I wish every guitar presentation did that when applicable.

I'd like to see more of Tony as I can tell he is a good guitar teacher with the gift of gab.

He is using an Epiphone ES-335 guitar for the lesson. I have no problem with any negative issues in this guitar lesson and hopefully you wont either. I will says this: the more you watch them the easier they get!

These are perfect campfire or beach sing along songs and you can play the guitar bits if you try.  Singing lessons may be a thought to consider and I have a few singing lessons presentations I am going to study shortly so look out for those.

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  • Ch 1: California Girls
  • Ch 2: God Only Knows
  • Ch 3: I Get Around
  • Ch 4: Surfer Girl

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