Roots Rock Workshop Hybrid Picking ~ Pete Anderson Page Four

At first glance there appears to be about 48 minutes worth of guitar lesson on the lesson and the remaining is substantial minutes of footage of the studio and of various performances songs and back stage or what have you.

Well I am pleased to report that there is a whole other 45 minute long guitar lesson on here too.

A partially acoustic guitar lesson showcasing a lot of Pete's guitars, Epiphones, Harmonies, Gibson's and more about slide guitar too. Pete uses The Rock Slide. Recommends that to us for comfort.

Next there begins a section on effect settings using a pre Yamaha line 6 pod but you cant hardly see the settings only hear them and its finger picking time too! Then out hops his custom Telecaster with a whammy bar and a middle pick up.

Toys galore. Blue collar toys! More finger picking. Pete is a Serious Pickster.

Is this a serious guitar lesson or merely a glimpse behind the curtain? Its a bit of both!

If you have an interest in learning hybrid picking then you need to get wise to Pete's teachings. The extra stuff on here is pretty darn good too.

A sample song from his album Daredevil is wicked good as well as of black and white concert footage of him playing fusion rock with his band.

Oh and there are .PDF files but they are of Pete Anderson minutiae: a discography and so on. None concerning the lesson.  "A Pity"!  

Still this so called blue collar player offers a whole lot of worthy guitar education to us and I thank him for it and recommend this! Pete buddy, don't get a stylist, we love that Walmart look.

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