Roots Rock Workshop Hybrid Picking ~ Pete Anderson Page Three

His are unique insights into the industry echoed by many other pro session players about bringing your musical skills to the party and leaving your ego at home. So his experience is about knowing how to play just about every style and highlighting some of what that's like for us for practical purposes.

Don't presume its just about just having good rhythm and then you will know how to play every style instinctively. Session players study for years and sight read music so this is no informal casual career field even with its lax dress code. They also have their own pecking order and numbered chairs in the studio with chair number one being the most prestigious.

21 minutes of lesson to go. Pete gets into how much he admires Muddy Waters and how difficult it is to play properly with a harmonica player if there is more than one guitar. He plays us some licks styled on early a Junior Wells and Muddy collaboration. With Willie Dixon on Bass! Holy Bat Cave! What a band! Willie Dixon is responsible for so many songs I love.

Then we discuss country and blues bending and pedal steel bending. Key of G harmonized in 6ths on the top strings and we talk intervals and holding one string down while bending the other of the 6ths shape. He doesn't feel comfortable using a B Bender.

Then we get into some chicken picking explanations worth looking at is his 2 finger style lighting fast approach. He has 3 fingernails glued on his right hand. The camera work is lacking both hands here and I have to fault that sorry Pete!

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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." ― Aristotle