Roots Rock Workshop Hybrid Picking ~ Pete Anderson Page Two

 back coverAbout 15 minutes in we switch chapters to: Rhythm Guitar and do a country shuffle three different ways. Ahead, On and behind the beat.

He talks about beat centers and then does a segment on the right hand and what finger should be plucking what.

This is very rare for a great player to slow it down this much. You could improvise hybrid picking exercises around what he shows you here.

Then he mentions his awakening to rhythm guitar and how the guitarist should be aware of the drum kits high hat and snare drum and to mesh rhythmically with that.

Contributing rhythmically in a band is very important.

Then he talks about the harmonic range which each player might be contributing in and steering clear. He prefers feeling the bass and not hearing it while comping rhythm.

Then we have a Q & A with Tiesco Del Ray him self. I have a beater guitar of that make interestingly enough. Tiesco blows harp. Pete talks about his career in the studios of LA as a Blue Collar job to make a living experience. He points out that what gets you hired over and over is your ability to fit in rhythmically not your lead playing.

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