Rockabilly Guitar - Jim Weider Page Four
(Licks and Techniques of the Rock Pioneers)

gretch chetJim shows us how Paul Burlison, who incidentally, was the guy who played the Telecaster in the Johnny Burnette Rock and Roll trio, plays it with his amp with a tube pulled half way out. Then he turns around and show it to us the way Jeff Beck in the Yardbirds played it with Jimmy Page on bass. This is good and not finger style necessary.

The part on the pentatonic scale is oddly placed considering the advanced stuff that went before. The segment on 12 Bar Rhythmic figure is excellent. The part about Duane Eddy is really good and the Intro performance killer. For these segments and others you are glad you took a chance on this guitar lesson. He has a 1960 Duane Eddy DE 400 Guild with two humbling pickups and amp vibrato. Jim teaches us "Rebel Rouser" and some nice blues things that you can flat pick.

He shows us plenty of early rock and roll licks with associated tremelo techniques. What's amazing is when he tunes down the fifth and sixth strings A to a G and the E string to a low G too. This is a trademark Duane Eddy tuning - its very baritone or low on the the two strings you changed and favors the key of G. He throws some pickin in there and works the pedal low G. Looks like hours of fun. Lonnie Mack does this a lot too. And if Lonnie did it Stevie did it.

Its an interesting rockabilly guitar lesson and there are many many choice licks to be had here with patience and pamphlet in hand. There is meat on the bone here for you even if you don't finger pick strongly and just watching it will help you get used to the idea. Its true. Jim Weider is an excellent guitar player and a superior teacher because he shows you cool licks that I haven't seen else where. This ones a keeper. Lets see about his Rockabilly Lesson II.

    Rockabilly Guitar - Jim Weider
  • Ch 1: Intro
  • Ch 2: Scotty Moore
  • Ch 3: Rhythmic Patterns
  • Ch 4: Scotty's Equipment
  • Ch 5: "That's All right Mama"
  • Ch 6: Pick and Finger Exercise
  • Ch 7: "My Baby Left Me"
  • Ch 8: Walking muted Bass line
  • Ch 9: Jim Walking Bass
  • Ch 10:More of Scotty's Licks
  • Ch 11: Paul Burlison's "Train Kept-a-Rollin"
  • Ch 12: Paul's Equipment
  • Ch 13 "Train" broken down
  • Ch 14: "Train Kept-a-Rollin" Jeff Beck Yardbirds version
  • Ch 15: Pentatonic Scale and Licks
  • Ch 16: Double stops and pull-offs
  • Ch 17: Chromatic Lick
  • Ch 18: 12 Bar Rhythmic figure
  • Ch 19:  Duane Eddy
  • Ch 20: Duane's Equipment
  • Ch 21: "Rebel Rouser" Lick
  • Ch 22:  12 Bar Blues
  • Ch 23: "Ram Rod"
  • Ch 24: G Blues drop 5 and 6 tuning
  • Ch 25: Outro

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