Rockabilly Guitar - Jim Weider Page Three
(Licks and Techniques of the Rock Pioneers)

OK now we can look at the lesson knowing Jim is a gear head with guitars and amps and will explain quite a bit of kit as we proceed. Jim is playing a Gibson ES-295 with 2 P-90 pickups thru a Fender Bassman. He shows his 60's vintage Echoplex set for a real tight echo to get just that one slap back. It wasn't stereo it was Mono at first.

OK I have to say its an advanced lesson and almost immediately you find Jim executing fast paced finger picking. He makes some effort to teach us but not enough for me. I open the pamphlet and find a well written Tab of the finger picking however so all is not lost.

You will need to watch this over and over. I guess you have to grab it by the neck and make the effort. To give Jim credit he does show us a whole passel of fingerpicking licks and ways to use the neck.

A good way to learn the guitar neck and particularly this style of country guitar is the C-A-G-E-D Guitar system with Erie Hawkins. And a finger picking primer like Pete Huttlingers Essential Exercises for Finger style guitar. If you have those skills under your belt and have taken a turn to the wild side and want to learn more rockabilly. Rockabilly is an permutation of country picking with other styles thrown in. I recommend learning hybrid picking instead of thumb if given a choice.

Finger picking fears aside, flat pickers can't help but learn too and this is still a superior guitar lesson and could be watched many times by intermediate players whom in my view will benefit the most, the rest of us humbled. For those rash and impetuous enough to scoff I must say that Jim shows us how to play The Train Kept-a-Rollin' really well. Its an old song by Tiny Bradshaw.

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