Scotty Moore Rockabilly Electric Guitar - Steve Trovato Page Two

harmony and theory back coverHybrid picking is the essence of this style. Steve tries to teach us hybrid picking and those of us that don't know how to hybrid pick have to hang onto his every word, stop repeat and so on to get it down. You have to be in the mood for this type of guitar instruction. Slow down, drop everything except your guitar and be patient. Most other guitar lesson lessons would provide us with a pamphlet which I far prefer. Licklibrary does not. They want you to go register on their site and buy many other things they have to offer. This turns what could be a great guitar lesson into a frustrating annoyance.

Now if you are already a finger picker or hybrid picker you wont have much of a problem but if you aren't you may want to think about passing this one by until your hybrid picking skills improve. The lesson goes on to devolve into minutia like on beat one you do this and on beat two you do that and frankly I am not in the mood. You see I haven't learned finger picking in the five minutes he has been teaching it to us and if you do then you are a better player than me. Something entirely possible mind you.

Steve tells us that this sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. All he is doing, he says, is using his pick on the low strings and his middle finger on the high strings. Thanks Steve. I am sure that with enough perseverance you could learn what he is teaching in a period of effort. The lesson continues with much, much more of the same - great guitar - but hybrid picked. If you can hybrid pick then you will get a lot out of this lesson. If you cant, in my opinion, there are better places to start learning than here. I like Steve Trovato but am not particularly thrilled with the producers of this lesson.

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