Beyond Basics Rock Guitar Rhythm Chops Page Four
Nick Nolan - Guitar Institute G.I.T.

Lastly but not leastly Nick uses assorted previously shown techniques on a basic chord progression Em C Am D shows us how to spice things up with some nice scratch suspension/arpeggio strum choom chacka choom activity. There is more too.

You ought to know by now that's its about "time" so if you need this then buy it. Its good and just may boost your understanding if you use it. Nick sites as his favorite guitarists Angus Young, EVH, and Jimi Hendrix. Rock on Nick. I'd go see you live if you were around. Seems like a nice guy too!

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  • Ch 1: Opening
  • Ch 2: Tuning
  • Ch 3: Tapping your foot
  • Ch 4: 8th and 16th syncopated rhythms
  • Ch 5: The Rock Shuffle
  • Ch 6: Keeping Good Time
  • Ch 7: Chords
  • Ch 8: Muting
  • Ch 9: Pedal Tones
  • Ch 10: Creating Rhythm parts
  • Ch 11: Special Advice on Rhythm Playing
  • Special features:
    Tuning to a meter on screen 440A
    Steve Morse demo song lots of fancy technics
    Additional Tips with Dan Warner:
    Power chords and learning to lead minor pentatonic and blues scale
    Getting to know your Amplifier gain vs volume
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