Beyond Basics Rock Guitar Rhythm Chops Page Three
Nick Nolan - Guitar Institute G.I.T.

We move on to the indispensable Rock Shuffle using must know triplets whose fleece was black as coal. Then other various assorted cool rock moves you can't go wrong with. Nicks got that diggin' it, I am having fun, look on his face for just about every lick. Keeping Good Time is next having hopefully prepped your foot. This foot thing takes time to develop. Repetition, practice, patience and belief! Also you can develop your rhythm just walking down the street if you count 1,2,3 slapping your hand on your legs alternatively right, left, right, left 1,2,3. 1,2,3. 1,2,3.

Nick shows us a couple of drum machine beats and touches (very briefly) on how to use the drum machine to improve our rhythm. Chords follows. 18:11. He mentions other suitable course books for beginners to buy. There are some chord charts in the pamphlet. He goes on to show us some slash chords like A with C in the bass. He arpeggiates a ballad type song for us  and here you reach for your handy pamphlet. Nick uses a flat pick not his fingers for this which is perfect. He even uses two fingers on the back of his pick he tells us. I do that too and have found a 'medium weight' large pick - almost a triangle shape to work well. 21:25 Uses a Hendrix Technique of playing the bass line with your thumb using slash chords. Pretty Cool! My thumb is too short for all the neck positions but works depending on the chord!

Sus4 chords are next and an up tempo rocker in EX 8. Then Really groovy funky Chord fragments In Ex 9. Then we hippity hop on to MUTING E A D C regular bar chords using fragments sounds good to me! Pedal Tones using Em and the open E as the Pedal tone. The a 16th note using A string for a pedal. Ex 12. This is faster so more metal with some EVH type licks. We wind down with Creating Rhythm Parts and stacking riffs.

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