Beyond Basics Rock Guitar Rhythm Chops Page Two
Nick Nolan - Guitar Institute G.I.T.

Also being familiar with the guitars bass notes and what they are and how they fall in patterns how they repeat - where and so on. Once you learn the major scale and see it works with the same patterns in all keys like C or A or G well Robert is your fathers brother! You'll get into the groove that this lesson definitely has to it. There is a great drummer and bass player too!

Its not the very first Rock Rhythm Guitar instructional lesson I recommend you buy as a brand new guitar student but its tied for the 2nd! Here its obvious you need to know your C major scale and have earned some basic fret board  I IV V awareness brownie points. If you have done your guitar homework you will be able to find a use for those bar chords copping the many cool grooves and riffs taught to us on this 6 string musical organ instructional digital presentation. If it was easy everyone would do it! Hey wait a minute?

Nick starts out with the fundamentals of rock - a steady beat - tapping your foot - trying to keep it steady and offers us some exercises to help with that. This alone is a huge skill (like steady thumb) that can not be easily taught in passing but even so its better than a lot of what you may end up with otherwhere which is nothing at all or ignoring it totally. I have made strides in this realm through practice! This will help you if you practice!

Then in 8th and 16th note rhythms we get into syncopation and how to tap your foot to a doubled beat of eight notes and then again 16th. Accents may occur when the foot is up and often are but you want your foot to be counting the 4 down beats not the accents. Example II: Guitar Quarter notes: Chords E G A C to B to C to D D Sharp  D U D U U D. Example III: 16th notes scratching alternate strumming. Example IV: Syncopated 16th notes more tricky still. Cool rock and power chords.

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