Advanced Rock Guitar - Danny Gill Page Four

So its good thing I have been practicing chord scales for the last three or four years. I have a nice number of pages of them which I go over as often as I can. Some are quite easy and should be one of the first things we are taught in my opinion. Chord scales bring home the concept of diatonic.

Still I am learning something from the very first segments of this particular lesson and that's why you need to buy it. Its putting the theory in to action that we are paying for here! This is how its done! Or one of the ways its done anyway. All the theory in the world can only take you so far without application!

Danny start us off with a Santana type modal progression G Dorian. If I am repeating my self its because that is my favorite part of this guitar lesson and just might be yours too. It and the third mode (the Phrygian) the are the parts I am most able to play and mostly likely to find some practical application for in my own playing. The further on you go in this the more sophisticated and difficult it gets and since I don't have any plans to be a session player and am lazy and willing to work up to a point only....

He is in the key of F and using a mode of the key of F. The Dorian mode! This is the second of the modes which each of the possible 12 note keys all share and commences from the 2nd step of the major scale. If you are in the key of F then G is the 2nd note which you would call G Dorian.

Could it be any simpler? Just kidding it gets more involved as we go! The scale itself, in this case F, is the major scale and is the Ionian mode. Modes are like ice cream scoops that melt together but you don't want too many flavors or things loose definition like playing too fast to no purpose! Plus your hand hurts.

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