Advanced Rock Guitar - Danny Gill Page Two

You are asking yourself am I ready for advanced rock guitar? Well are you? Probably not quite. And do you really need to know all this stuff? And if you do want to start playing flashy licks is this the place to go? There are other guitar reviews here you should consider some by this same instructor.

Did you ever ask yourself what the first mode was? Well did ya? You will here because our friends neglect to mention in this, the third of the series that the first mode is the major scale also known as the Ionian Mode! We start with the Santana mode the Dorian which is the 2nd mode. If all this is new to you then odds are this is not the guitar lesson for you just have been warned! If you want to play fast Danny has some other great lessons to give you exercises to grow with.

For an instructor we are blessed with one of my absolute favorite guitar hat wearers: Danny Gill who studied under Joe Satriani and obviously graduated with honors.  What's with these hats anyway? Must be cold. I am folliculi challenged and so what? Anyway while I am moaning I'll mention/peeve about the fact that Danny uses a lot of distortion, sustain and effects in his guitar sound during the lesson. What if I cant emulate that for whatever reason and am in fact dismayed by it for the same reasons?

At least his amp and pedal board settings should be explained to us. Thus far I haven't found that part. I have a Charvel San Dimas that I plug into a solid state Line 6 spider jam and that usually approximates the sustain which is the secret weapon you need to get this sound. Put it on "metal" or "insane". Its a wet signal-chained sound. Mr. Gill's playing is melodic and inspired but who is writing those backing tracks? Anyway it adds a whole new dimension and is quite slick! Try it at home and see.

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