Robin Trower ~ Classic Blues Rock Guitar ~ with Robin Trower Page Three

Anyway to my mind a lot of our favorite Robin Trower songs are just as worth listening to as Jimi's. Well worthy anyway. But to a mostly electric guitar player like myself attracted to guitar styles of Jimi and Robin and SRV I am particularly pleased to point out that a flat pick is going to serve us in good stead. That, a Fender Stratocaster, wah-wah pedal and a good practice amp. You will also, for full effect, want to have your chorus, delay and echo toys in train.

Robin says we have to concentrate on our phrasing, vibrato and sustain. He figures most of his inspiration comes from R & B and funk and that a lot of his rhythm parts he imagines as replacing horn parts. He has a formula. His playing mechanics, fortunately, for us and unlike Jimi Hendrix, are more orthodox. He plays a lot of pentatonics and has a bunch of cool chromatic moves begging to be assimilated and regurgitated afresh. One must not drool. However rapturous facial expression are acceptable.

Robin tells us he cops licks from guitarists such as the 3 Kings, B.B., Albert, Freddie and also Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix and all the great blues guitar players. You can pick up a lot here if you like blues rock and can tune your guitar down (or not). Robin's made a successful career as a guitar player, band leader and can teach us a thing or thirty-three. It could have been a bit longer however. Still there is a section for each example where you can slow down the visual but keep the pitch the same. Its magic! Also there is a tuning menu which you can tune to Robin with. When you play the licks slow motion they look so simple. If you take your time there is a lot of cool guitar to be  learned here!

    Robin Trower ~ Classic Blues Rock Guitar ~ with Robin Trower
  • Ch 1: Introduction 44:36
  • Ch 2: Guitar & Equipment Setup
  • Ch 3: Tuning
  • Ch 4: Vibrato (ex. 1-3)
  • Ch 5: String Bending (ex. 4-7)
  • CH 6: Pick & Finger Techniques (ex. 8-10)
  • Ch 7: Intro to "Daydream" broken down
  • Ch 8: Orchestration "If You Really Want to Find Love" (ex.11)
  • Ch 9: Live Concert Footage
  • Ch 10: Performance
  • Ch 11: Approaches to12 bar solos (ex. 12-17)
  • Ch 12: Robin Trower Style
  • Ch 13: Riff and Grove from "Bridge of Sighs"
  • Ch 14: "Too Rolling Stoned" (ex. 18)
  • Ch 15: "Day of the Eagle" Riff (ex. 19)
  • Ch 16: Blues w/chord substitution "No Time" (ex. 20)
  • Ch 17: Conclusion
  • Ch 18: Performance
  • Ch 19: Live Concert Footage

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