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 back coverThe strings keep wanting to go sharp again or flat respectively. My Charvel has a Floyd Rose on it so that makes it worse.

A guitar with no tremelo arm might be more stable a platform. My Teisco Del Rey perhaps. I got the Charvel ball park tuned down one whole step with the Floyd's locking nut thingies loosened and then tightened them back up and fined tuned that puppy like it just came from 2 weeks at obedience school!

I have a Mexican Strat with a factory installed Floyd Rose that I just love to play too but its the Charvel I'll keep tuned down as it has its charms! Of course they are both red guitars like a few of Robins.

Some people knock Robin saying he is a Hendrix clone. Jimi Hendrix also sang and Robin doesn't.

He does sound a lot like Hendrix, but he also carves his own path on the way to grandma's house.

Lots of people sound like Hendrix or try to. Everybody is derivative including you and me. Jimi Hendrix was one of the first to strap on a Stratocaster, play a wah-wah pedal and to use a fuzz box. Jimi popularized the genre and was from Oregon to boot! Its hard not to try to sound like him! On occasion you need to sound like Jimi!. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Robin doesn't really tune up with us he just tells us that he tunes down a whole step from EADGBE to DGCFAD.

However poking around the menu items (under the special features) I discovered there is a tuning menu which you can tune to Robin with. Another point he stresses is that tuned down, now he can get away with heavier gauge strings and higher action in order to still get the bends he likes to use. Playing, Robin frets the guitar as if he were tuned normally.

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