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Conceivably you could get a lot out of it if you are willing to jump through the digital hoops. If you have ever see an archeologist using brushes on an ancient skeleton or pot shard? Well that's what this reminds me of or a dentist telling you to count backwards from 100 with that ole' drill going.

Gripe number three: Danny is a hybrid picker and doesn't explain his left hand approach. He flat picks in the shuffle section for a bit.
Gripe number four
: Danny uses a telecaster and it has a very annoying trebled sound.
I have a Tele and get a more mellifluous sound in my opinion. If you like that sound great! But to add that to all the rest is too much! Yes and I know Roy Buchanan's sound too. It could be a fluke of the studio.

So here we are watching Arlen Roth and Danny Gatton along with their talented drummer and up right bass player chugging right along, having a good old time and I am scratching my head wishing I didn't buy this. Another guy making fast chord changes and not explaining them much at all. Not one word about counting time.

If I didn't know any better I wouldn't tell you, but I do, so I am! A great guitar player however. Seems like a nice guy too! This is great for reference or for Danny Gatton fans but there are better learn rhythm guitar teaching tools out there today 20 years later. That is my considered opinion and with all due respect! Keep on Pickin' Danny! R.I.P.

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  • Ch 1: Introduction
  • Ch 2: Chords and Comping ex 1 - 3
  • Ch 3: Jam 1: 2 note chords ex. 4 - 5
  • Ch 4: Jam 2 ex. 6-8
  • Ch 5: Jam 3 Substitutions ex 9 - 10
  • Ch 6: Jam 4 Shuffle
  • Ch 7: Vibrato Shuffle Piano grooves
  • Ch 8: Jam 5 ex: 11 - 15
  • Ch 9: Jam 6 slow blues ex 16 - 18
  • Ch 10: Exercises in slow motion

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