Muddy Waters Electric Chicago Blues -with Bob Margolin
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I'm ready for you, I hope you ready for me!

Now that I have been practicing everyday and am a better guitar player I am far more able to appreciate its teachings and am saying to myself "that ain't so hard after all!" Yea!!!!. The gist of it anyway ain't that hard -  the finesse and finer points remain to be parsed ad infinitum.

So what I am trying to tell you is that if you have absolutely no clue about open tunings or slide guitar and if you aren't aware of Muddy's music and you want to learn slide guitar you should definitely plan on owning this but perhaps not as your very first introduction to open guitar tunings.

Make it your second because its that good. Also its the only Muddy Waters guitar lesson that I am aware of. I also have a Johnny Winter I cant wait to review that has several Muddy Waters tunes on it!

Now I also have to make it clear that our instructor assumes that you have a knowledge of Muddy Waters music and some slide guitar playing rudiments under your belt because if you don't you are going to be a fish out of water and be shaking your head!

At the same time he does his best to keep things simple while moving right along and explaining some of the most germane points from his view point as Muddy's side man for 7 years.

Humble and expressive our instructor couldn't be nicer or make you feel more at home. God Bless the mid-west! You will want to know what I iv V means, you will need to be aware that different tunings like G use different shapes than E & D tunings which are very similar.

I want a pair of shoes like Muddys' in the lesson too! And you will be playing this over and over coping licks and grooves and honing the edge of your chops because Muddy played slide guitar like no other and that's a natcheral fact!

    Muddy Waters Menu - Bob Margolin
  • Ch 1: Introduction
  • Ch 2: Blow Wind Blow
  • Ch 3: Open G Tuning
  • Ch 4: I Cant Be Satisfied
  • Ch 5: Rollin' and Tumblin'
  • Ch 6: Slow Blues Playing
  • Ch 7: Big Leg Woman
  • Ch 8: Kind Hearted Woman
  • Ch 9: Gone to Main Street
  • Ch 10: Delay Time
  • Ch 11: She and the Devil
  • Ch 12: Outro

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