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You will learn a lot of exercise concepts that will help your speed and playing. Randy could play most any style of music because he (could read) knew the basics of music. Scales, arpeggios, modes and so on. This is a really good value Guitar instructional lesson. It wouldn't make this my very first exposure to guitar however. It would be over-whelming - trust me! Learn some chords and strums first. Building on a foundation is the only way to have lasting success and satisfaction.

There are 12 chapters. Ch.1: Soloing in Randy's Style - A minor pentatonic 5th position, A minor extended position, four note patterns, A blues style. Ch2: minor modes A Dorian and A Aeolian, Ch3: Legato Fret hand only and tapping, Ch4: expressive noises, Ch.5: More minor pentatonic and blues scale licks: A minor pentatonic repeated melodic shapes, The A Blues scale.Ch.6:scale patterns and sequences minor pentatonic. Ch.7: modal sequences: A Dorian, A Aeolian, E Aeolian, A harmonic minor, A Phrygian Dominant or the 5th mode of harmonic minor, D Aeolian Mode, Modal sequences on one string. Ch.8: wide scale fingerings D Aeolian, Ch.9: 'Cycling"scale segments, Ch.10:combining scales. Ch.11: Trills: Scalar and chordal. Ch.12: Randy's favorite licks.

I will also review Ozzy the Randy Rhoads Years which is a song by song approach I love and hate. Song by Song is great for certain types of simpler songs. In fact you cant beat it for fun. However the more complicated you get the more foundation you need. If you want to develop foundation here with Andy is where to get it. This has the answers that the other raises questions about.

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