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How to play the Best Of Pantera: Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates, Mouth for War and Walk - Guitar teacher Andy Aledort

In my view there are 2 parallel roads we need to travel: the rhythm road and the soloing road. In this Pantera lesson the rhythm is less complicated with power chords up the ying yang. However, I guarantee most novices are not ready for the fast licks he plays requiring fret board acumen and alacrity. You are hopefully reading this site for learning guitar tips and advice/help perhaps? I hope so because that's who I'm writing for. Hearken Yee Hither!

Check out Joe Stump's (also know as Shred Lord) Chop Builder with exercises I use my self. Check out Andy Johns' excellent 6 lesson set 6 Weeks to Metal Rhythm. Buy the first week first so you are reading off the same page - don't skip ahead.

I have a bunch of titles I review with Andy Aledort teaching us different aspects of guitar playing. Now Andy really likes the guitar. He can play Django, he can play Buddy, Albert and Freddie and Jimi and many more too.

I can tell he really like Pantera because he goes into it in this lesson differently than most of his others where he may have been a hired guitar slinger or producer himself or variations on the theme.

If you do like Pantera this is an excellent place to use experienced gleaned from your previous hours at the metronome doing sequences, scales, arpeggios and so on. Another one of Andy's that is really good value for this style is his Play like Randy Rhodes guitar lesson lesson. You even get a pamphlet and a ton of exercises too.. so also go there first. This Pantera is advanced.

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