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How to play the Best Of Pantera: Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates, Mouth for War and Walk - Guitar teacher Andy Aledort

The 1st song we que up is Cowboys from Hell. We get 20 bars of the rhythm, such as it is and then the Solo in E for bars 29-44.  Cemetery Gates follows also from the 1st release. 35:41 long. This one starts out softly with acoustic guitar and has a ballad feel until bars 48 where the riff starts up. Andy shows us what to do. Looks like fun too! This goes on for 115 bars so you get your moneys worth.  From the release Vulgar Display of Power: Mouth of War 23:00 minutes total. The song: Walk is 76 bars worth of guitar excess from same recording. We get 15 minutes almost of 'Walk' lesson.

OK here is my take. If you have been doing your guitar home work like good boys and girls and you are down with some of these metal concepts already then by all means this is a well made and intentioned guitar lesson presentation.

If however you just like Pantera and worship them and just slavishly copy them like a trained seal not only will you waste your time and squander your youthful exuberance. You'll forget it all real soon. Trust me on this and I know because I have tried it myself. If you don't have an underlying foundation of technique and theory you still may get a couple of jollies out of this Pantera distorted electric guitar lesson but would do far better to start at the beginning. That goes for any guitar style practically! Dime got short changed.

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