Dimebag Darrell ~Metal~ Pantera ~ Danny Gill Page Three

Danny is a great guitar player and there is a lot here he shows and mentors us through briefly.

Buts its all how you present the guitar instruction manual information isn't it?

I guarantee you that you don't start here: for example there is two handed tapping, there is tuning your guitar down 1.5 steps to get that deep sound, there are asymmetrical note patterns and Phrygian mode scales there are harmonized minor thirds on the G and B strings.  I have been known to watch a good lesson again and again but watching this a million times wont teach you all the basics you need to know.

No where do they tell us any amp settings or pedal chain info. Not Even in the Noises and FX section and there it turns out we will need a tremelo bar to make various very wet signal noises. Its all mechanically taught but not electrically explained. I reckon there is overdrive, noise gate, delay and similar.

This Noises & FX is arcane esoteric guitar knowledge is only as as useful as the toys you play it through and only of interest to the mad scientist lurking in each of us.

I cant believe they don't tell you the settings. Who is running the show over there at Licklibrary anyway? Calling it cheese paring is being charitable.

Pantera fans will want to to visit Andy Aledort's Best of Pantera Guitar Lesson.

    Dime bag Darrell ~Metal~ Pantera ~ Danny Gill
  • Ch 1: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 2: 8th and 16th Note Rhythm Chops 10:00
  • Ch 3: 16th Note Triplets and 32nd Note rhythms 6:10
  • Ch 4: Triplet and Shuffle Combined Rhythms 9:35
  • Ch 5: Jam Track 1: Rhythm Parts 12:00
  • CH 6: Jam Track 1: 1st and 2nd lead examples 16:44
  • Ch 7: Jam Track 1: 3rd lead examples 6:10
  • Ch 8: Jam Track 2 Clean and Heavy Parts 14:43
  • Ch 9: Noises and FX 7:54 Crazy Sounds Horse Mosquito, Elephant
  • Ch 10: Performances Lesson by Lesson
  • Ch 11: 3 Jam Tracks

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