Dimebag Darrell ~Metal ~ Pantera ~ Danny Gill Page Two

 back coverDanny'll play with the backing track and then break it down for us. But mechanically rather than theoretically  and because this solo consists of very fast hooks, riffs, chugs, lines or call it what you want but little melody. Its almost cacophonous but remains mostly harmonic going so fast it never really resolves in any memorable sense. In other words its 1-4-5 but not I IV V. Its that fancy new thrash metal that they done reinvented. 17 on the B, 15 on the high E, slide to ten on the G, to 11 on the D to our root note E and more like this.

Sure you can slavishly copy like a trained seal tweaking horns but unless you practice you will forget. You may as well just learn to play guitar from the ground up to begin with. Get used to the idea of practicing every day. Guitar players have to keep their hand in and chops up. Seals do too! Koo Koo Ka Choo!

Another thing is if you can't get the guitar sound Danny has or even a sound which you can live with that approaches his sound you are going to get discouraged.

Brand new guitar slingers should concern themselves with learning guitar basic I-IV-V moves with both chords and scales and get a good reference book or two and a couple of visual presentations and get to work. Later you worry about style. Students who've already done that should check out Andy James Metal Rhythm in 6 weeks or Joe Stump's Chop Shop or even Danny Gills Shredding with Arpeggios whose teachings I use in my exercises every day. Pantera fans will want to to visit Andy Aledort's Best of Pantera Guitar Lesson.

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