Jump Blues Guitar Method & Soloing - Mathieu Brandt Page Six

I made an, illegal in some states, Chinese corner over to the chapter the 'Charlie Christian Approach' where he tells us Charlie built his solos around chords shapes which have individual chords tones that sound the most solid so he would groove over the tonic,

Mediant, dominant, super tonic and so on and switch positions staying as close as possible to the original tonic position. Its like position playing but not for classical guitar and its all flat pick too which is awesome! You learn patterns around chords shapes used in the progressions and string them together over the changes...its a fluid kind of thing where your not exactly sure where he is going next but you have an expectation as its 1-4-5 mostly. Its like T-Bone like that but he got it from Charlie Christian. Its the blues dressed up for Saturday night when people used to dance jitter-bug.

Then I skipped ahead to check out the "in the style of" solos and they are great but it sure helps to know your triad shapes: major minor, augmented and diminished. I am looking at them now in the pamphlet. Then you learn where, from within that shape, some handy extension chord notes are too; sixths, ninths, 13ths. That's righteous! I could go on listing more reasons to get this but by now you perhaps have realized this is a gem that will help set you apart and provide that missing link as to your musical pedigree. You got to let it happen.

    II : Jump Blues Method & Soloing - Matthieu Brandt
  • Ch 1: Solo 1
  • Ch 2: Solo 2
  • Ch 3: Solo 3
  • Ch 4: Solo 4
  • Ch 5: 3rd standard riff
  • Ch 6: Solo 5
  • Ch 7: Solo 6
  • Ch 8: Solo 7
  • Ch 9: 4th standard riff
  • Ch 10: Solo 8 in 12/8 time
  • Ch 11: Charlie Christian approach
  • Ch 12: Using approach notes
  • Ch 13: Charlie Christian Solo 1
  • Ch 14: Charlie Christian Solo II
  • Ch 15: Brian Setzer Solo I
  • Ch 16: T Bone Walker Solo I
  • Ch 17: Freddie King Solo I
  • Ch 18: Gatemouth Timing

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