Jump Blues Guitar Method & Soloing - Mathieu Brandt Page Five

IN Chapter 17 of Lesson I and for a lot of the beginning of Lesson II we are introduced to the concept of the standard riff(s)! I love it. We'll use the blues scale and the Mixolydian.

The same blues scale can be used over all three of the 1-4-5 chords in a blues, dominant or not. The Mixolydian however requires you to change position with each chord. He will teach us a riff that is the mother of all cliches. He teaches us not just one but several. Wow!

OK there are some little finger starts that we hurdle with aplomb because we know our notes pretty well and this style is made to be played swinging along so its fun rather than a chore. That was standard riff 1. Now lets continue with more guitar short cuts we learn from this guitar lesson. Yes they do exist!

This gets better and better If you like jump blues or any of the players listed above buy it and then apply it! The TAB for this 2nd disc is bundled with the 40 files in the download necessary. Its easy if you have the p/w. Lesson II starts at about CH 22 of the .PDF files.

I for sure recommend this if you are serious about your playing. Its not horribly difficult either and explained well verbally but the 137 page pamphlet makes it excellent! I wont lie to you and say I have spent all the time here thus far that this deserves but its on my top three list. 

From what I can see is that the TAB pretty much matches the lesson. So Solo 1 you can watch a few times with the TAB that you printed out right in front of you! Its worked for me. Its typical that one of the best 'in English' explanations about how music and how chords work comes out of a Dutchman's mouth.

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