Jump Blues Guitar Method & Soloing - Mathieu Brandt Page Two

harmony and theory back coverLots of great guitar players have played in this jump blues style and it turns out they have a few memorization tricks that we can use too! Hooray!

The presentation repeats its self briefly at the early beginning. A mistake.

Also the TAB entails a registration and a 'Learning Tools' download. Its 137 MB - I got the zip file and extracted the. PDF which is a MUST HAVE. It costs ink and 137 pages of paper. Paper doesn't grow on trees. Also its not one file! There are 40 different .PDF files labeled like this: .PDF 1, .PDF2 etc....each with sub pages. Additionally whether you want to or not you bulk download a bunch of other related tools including Power Tab, and Bonus material consisting of "A Guide to Music Theory in 36 minutes" and thirty-nine separate .mp3 Jam Tracks.

A P/W is supplied in the case. Oh and one more little thing! There is no correlation to the menu of the lesson and the downloaded .PDF files which are titled numerically - not by content.

So if you don't print those lessons out you'll soon be on a treasure hunt looking for the right lesson file. You need to print the lessons out. I guess you don't have to and could view them on screen but that's a lot of files to have open on your desktop and to wade through.

Also for Mac users you can't use Power Tab and have to use something else to view them. They give you some link to follow.

I take part of that back - the menu has numbers off to the right with chapters delineated by these numbers 20-25, 26-31 and 32-37 so there is a correlation but you have to dig and to name/collate the files by chapter because they don't appear on the printed out pages. I think this is likely worth the effort and serves to acquaint you with your new 137 page A4 stack of lesson material.

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