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Legendary Licks Slide Guitar.

Johnny WinterThe real reason to buy this is because only here can you see this close up and relaxed footage of Johnny Winter himself who sadly passed away in July 2014.

As far as I know what makes this guitar presentation unique is Johnny actually being there for the lesson. Well they make it seem like he was there even if he wasn't.

Johnny has on this big ole' cowboy hat and keeps his head down almost the whole time and never speaks. Johnny himself finally speaks in the Equipment segment and seems quite well. So I guess he really was there.

He uses a couple of pedals and a fire bird for slide and his Lazer for on stage. So now we know what we are missing, a Mississippi delta/Chicago slide guitar slice of Johnny Winters style. You'll be in open D and G.

    Johnny Winter - featuring Johnny Winter and Al Eck
  • Ch 2: In the style of Bob Dylans "Highway 61 revisited"
  • Ch 3: In the style of Elmore James
  • Ch 4: Electric slow blues
  • Ch 5: Winter's slide licks
  • Ch 6: Delta Blues style
  • Ch 7: National slow blues
  • Ch 8: Walking Blues style
  • Ch 10: Opening and tuning
  • Ch 11: Elmore James style
  • Ch 12: Electric slow Blues
  • Ch 13: Slide Licks
  • Ch 14: Vibrato style
  • Ch 15: Open G tuning
  • Ch 16: Delta style
  • Ch 17: Walking Blues style
  • Ch 18: Johnny's Equipment

Alternately from a flat picker perspective one might appreciate this coming soon rival Johnny Winter Guitar lesson. Watching Johnny is hard to beat and if you read the other review this menu isn't perfect but its less constraining. This Al Eck pages' guitar lesson format offers what the other does not: a 'play lesson' button allowing you to relax and to get in to it for the footage segments in the beginning and its almost 2 hours long buts its slide guitar.

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