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 back coverJoe mentions some of his favorite guitar players: Joe Tex, Les Paul, Duane Allman (with whom he was buddies), David Crosby and many more.

Joe still has the glass Coriciden D bottle that Duane gave him and uses it to play slide with. Joe tells us that using glass slides is his preferred method but is nevertheless using a bronze slide this whole axe lesson.

Joe teaches us how he strings his Les Paul and then intonates it. This is happening in the Gibson custom shop I believe and the master luthier there is on eggshells the whole time Joe is intruding but remains smiling.

Joe's Bass player plays host briefly and keeps popping up in footage and song. My favorite parts are Joe playing slide.

The stuff he does in open tuning requires technique sure, but its what he comes up with and how is what has me glued to it. If you are new to all this then yes, you are bound to learn some stuff. I did.

Joe is a master at his craft and talented too! When Joe speaks listen up. Of using a wet guitar signal via effect pedals, racks and all that, he doesn't. He says, but you can hear different. He wont give up all his tricks but there are more within the 20 page pamphlet with tunings and chord shapes and several songs including Rocky MT. Way.

  • Joe Walsh Menu 47:00
  • Ch 1: Play All
  • Ch 2: Guitar Setup for Perfect Intonation
  • Ch 3: Adjusting Your Truss Rod
  • Ch 4: Perfect Pitch
  • Ch 5: How to Clean Guitar Pots
  • Ch 6: Pickup Adjustment Les Paul
  • Ch 7: G Tuning
  • Ch 8: E Tuning
  • Ch 9: Using a Slide
  • Ch 10: Harmony
  • Ch 11:Closing Remarks & Credits

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