(Jazz) Effortless Blues Guitar ~ Richard Smith Page Two

 back coverIn Horizontal Pentatonics and Bends we learn to practice pentatonics horizontally instead of vertically and you sure wish this was written down for you somewhere or that he told you what the note names or fret markers were.

He wants us to play a pentatonic scale up the high E string and down the B string and we are supposed to, by just watching him, learn those notes.

Be of good cheer because there is a place to learn those notes and its this most auspiciously excellent guitar scale reference book. This book will show you the E minor scale on each string and is one the of best guitar books I have ever seen. No Lie. This book is un-confusing rather than watching the mans fingers for hours nose glued to the screen and getting frustrated.

Sadly with this lesson there is no pamphlet. Richard kicks in his cocktail hour chosen sound: slight overdrive and just a little bit of delay and we do half step bends up to the next note as an exercise. He skips ahead because he assumes we have some pentatonic scales under our fingers and that makes this what? Intermediate? Beginner? Late Beginner? Who knows? Who cares?

A7 triads horizontally up the neck. So he shows us a couple triads up the neck; something that is shown much better in a chord theory handy guitar reference book. You don't even get a good look at his hands. Said book is the first purchase that you should make. He plays these common interval slide thingies with his pedal effects and his 'sting' and it sounds great. If you have these toys you too can sound better even on your first day. Even your mistakes will sound good!

In my opinion this is not where to seriously study triads - triads are KEY! The  1-3-5 notes of the chord. Third licks have to do with the A triad and B triad which he proceeds to sweep or rake pick and leapfrog.  He is showing us the style to use but its up to us to provide the substance. Blues double stops in a shuffle style on the top two strings in a jazzy organ trio, walking bass setting. He shows us a solid rake lick I have to admit looks way cool. Makes me reach for my guitar. I find some righteous uses of double stops just as advertised but the camera work is poor and instead of a PIP of the rhythm hand within the fretting hand screen its should have shown both his hands in one screen and had slow motion like TrueFire has in their player. This is for people comfortable with their I-IV-V triads on the high strings and corresponding inversions and pentatonic scales including major and minor and blues scales.  Still some very nice iterations of pentatonic box activity.

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