Harmony and Theory Basics - Danny Gill Page Two

harmony and theory back cover Even without a good guitar reference book you are bound to learn a thing or three just by watching the digital presentation but you are going to spend an awful lot of time stopping and starting and backtracking and swearing and taking notes with care to get things properly on paper.

For example do you know any chords? Well there are a lot of them here but no chord charts so good luck with that! There are several plateaus here in the lesson where he says stuff like "well that's a lot of information we just covered so spend some time absorbing it and experimenting and when you have done that you are ready to move on to the next part".

Tell you what I am ready to move on but I will leave you with the menu and propose that you buy this after purchasing a good learn guitar book to compliment it with. No mention made of his electric guitar settings. There is world of difference between his sound and an acoustic guitar. I recommend you have an electric guitar and amp if you want to emulate his sound. Frustration could follow otherwise especially playing along to the jam tracks. Rock On Danny! Now its on to Harmony and Theory Intermediate.

    Menu: Harmony and Theory Basics - Danny Gill
  • Ch 1: Play All
  • Ch 2: Notes on the neck
  • Ch 3: The Major Scale
  • Ch 4: Intervals
  • Ch 5: Triads
  • Ch 6: Note Values
  • Ch 7: Harmonizing the Major scale
  • Ch 8: Jam Track C Major
  • Ch 9: Jam Track G Major
  • Ch 10: Jam Track E Major

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