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It was a have faith proposition at first for me but I slogged it out after I quit making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. At least I hope I did. The key or secret is to turn the speed of your metronome down. You bought a metronome right? You also need to get the imaginary string attached to your foot from your wrist and tap that foot as your wrist strums.

Joe plays a scalloped neck Stratocaster and if you like Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore - Joe sites them and many more among his influences. But you don't have to read music to study and gain from this or even have a fancy scalloped neck on your electric guitar. You do have to have a desire to practice if you want to get good. I just use a regular electric guitar I prefer 24 fret necks - its more to work with. I also love Fender guitars (among others) which don't have 24 frets. I practice on a Hohner G3. Its light and fits in overhead and has great action too. The double ball strings it requires cost more and that may be an issue for you. I cheat and use regular strings and add another thingy.

For metal heads and rockers alike this is a good choice. Joe delivers the goods and sticking with his exercise made a huge difference in my playing. Stylistically I am never going to play really fast shred guitar in big way but its fun to do a lot of this stuff at slower tempos too and fun is the name of my game. Double picking and tremolo picking make your hand much more steady for say Miser Lou or Rufus Thomas tunes like the funky chicken. Confidence!

The Menu looks like this: Beginning, Intro, Get ready, pre-requisites, classical influences Intro performance, lesson start, Metronome use, Tremolo picking, double picking, double picking etude, demons eye, practice tips, classical influences, last tips. Best quote 'requires huge maintenance to keep up skill'.

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