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The C-A-G-E-D chords also known as Cowboy chords are those initial chords we all learn. Chord fingering or voicings near the headstock and tuning pegs are also called open chords because they can use the available open strings if they strum all 6 strings.

Cowboy chords is an naive term really but you hear it a lot. I guess cowboys style is country and western and there is nothing easy about the western aspect in fact its mostly jazz chords so go figure. My point is its complicated and Ernie at least keeps it approachable.

Classical guitar players play in that open position all the time. The intervals are longer and the tonality deeper than higher up the neck. This guitar course is all about positions on the neck but for playing country blues - you gotta love it! This guitar course will give you a huge advantage.

Via the next 2 lessons you learn more positions gradually progressing up towards the bridge.

Several songs are taught along the way which will illuminate scales and how they work both across and up and down the fret board.

An almost perfect overview of the guitar neck and its practical application that will save you years of ignorance. Still there are other C-A-G-E-D systems worth owning too. This is perfect for finger pickers.

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